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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

What will be Kmiec's Reward?

American Papist has the latest on the 11th hour exchange between Prof. Kmiec and his dear friend "Charles", who responded immediately here

Kmiec's letter drips with disingenuous sentiment and basically accuses the Church of not doing enough to support crisis pregnancies. 

However, this now brings to mind the question: What will be Kmiec's reward from Obama's New Hope America? 

My guess?

He will head up a new "pro-life" special commission in the Obama administration that will be charged with the task of "reducing abortions, by reducing unwanted pregnancies." 

It will be the equivalent of the Faith Based Initiatives program - a program that made it seem like the Bush Administration was pro-Christian, but was intended to do nothing except keep the Evangelicals in the Bush camp. 

This new "Pro-Life" program will serve to do the same thing for the Obama Pro-Lifers: keep them in the Obama camp for 8 years.  This new office will give this group the psychological justification to stay with Obama even through the delivery of the Planned Parenthood promises (FOCA, etc).  It will particularly seek to work with Churches to "reduce abortions," and perhaps even attack the Catholic Church for not helping to reduce unwanted pregnancies through national contraception education and distribution programs. 

The office will do one thing: make the case that the Obama's policies are working to reduce unwanted pregnancies. 

I suspect that Kmiec will be head this up, and this will be his reward in the new administration.  

I do not think that he will be apointed to the Supreme Court, but this is another possibility. 

What do you think will be his reward?