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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Let the Reign of Terror Begin . . .

Life issues, our liberties, and conservative principles to the guillotine?

I find myself repeating one phrase: "It took Carter to give us Reagan."

I think I may end up going mad, as I am already sick of talking heads telling me how proud we are supposed to be for electing the most socialist, pro-abortion President in American history. I am not proud. People wanted to be part of making "history" happen. They wanted to say they voted for the first black President, even though most could not articulate a reason for why they agree with his views. The press wanted to have a hand in it, and they did. Fine. I only hope he doesn't destroy the country before people realize what they've done.

Let's hope the Dems are bold. Let's hope the Dems badly over-reach, and do it early. Openly try to raise our taxes, attack our religious institutions, and blatantly attack our families. Better we fight these battles out in the open, and now. People still have fight left in them, and most Americans aren't ready for the liberal agenda. Many don't realize that's what they've given us in spades. We are ready for you libs. The drive to organize will be high in response to these affronts. I hope you make every unwitting effort to wake these people up to their poor choice early.

Republicans better realize that we need to organize around a real conservative next go 'round. We've got about 2.3 years to find that person.

Please enjoy this commentary for as long as we still have free speech to post it.