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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Email Re:July 2008 Michigan Bar Passage Rates

From: Milhizer, Eugene R
Sent: Tue 11/18/2008 12:02 PM
To: All Law System Distribution; All Alumni
Subject: Michigan Bar Results

Dear Law School Community,

The State of Michigan July 2008 bar examination results have been released and published. Forty-five graduates of Ave Maria School of Law sat for the July 2008 bar exam. Thirty-five of these graduates passed, resulting in a 78% overall bar passage rate. This overall passage rate exceeds the state average of 71% and ranks Ave Maria School of Law second among Michigan schools for all test takers for the July 2008 bar exam. First-time test takers from Ave Maria School of Law passed at a rate of 80%, which ranks our Law School fourth in the state among first-time test takers from Michigan schools. This 80% figure is eight percentage points higher than the average for first-time test takers from Ave Maria School of Law for the July 2007 bar exam. Also, the July 2008 total of thirty-five successful test takers represents the most Ave Maria graduates passing any particular Michigan bar exam.

A review of the both exams administered during calendar year 2008 (both the February and July 2008 bar exams) reflects even more favorable results. For all test takers during 2008, graduates of Ave Maria School of Law passed the Michigan bar examination at a rate of 79%. This figure is higher than the state average of 70% and is second in the state behind the University of Michigan Law School.

Many people deserve our thanks for these improved results: the faculty who teach our students; Academic Support, Career Services, and Student Affairs who helped design and implement our bar examination preparation program; the many alumni who participated in the program and encouraged our graduates; and, most importantly, the graduates themselves. Our faculty and staff are committed to building upon these improved results and working toward an even more favorable showing next year.

Eugene R. Milhizer
Acting Dean and Professor of Law

February 2008 & July 2008

-------------------------- All Test Takers --- First Time Test Takers --- Re-Applicants

State of Michigan Totals --- 70% --- 80.5% --- 25%
AMSOL --- 79% --- 80.4% --- 71%
Cooley --- 65% --- 79.5% --- 25%
Michigan State --- 70.6% --- 81.5% --- 21%
University of Detroit Mercy --- 59.5% --- 70.9% --- 12.5%
University of Michigan --- 92% --- 94.7% --- 0%
Wayne State University --- 77.5% --- 85.3% --- 32%