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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

We Need to Apologize to Musollini

I've read that I disappointed Boko, and I'm sorry for that, but I want to make a few things clear.

1. I can't stand it that the afro-marxist-kenyan-born-slickster (who got his start with GLBT Hollywood money, such as Dave Geffen) has actually been nominated.

I think all of us can agree with that. But that doesn't mean I need to like McCrony. I still remember what he did with the judicial nominees. I still remember what he did to taxes.

This past week we nationalized the toxic debts. Wall street even rumors that it might not take the bailout money. Thanks be to God. Even the crooks on Wall street are realizing, maybe, what the bailout really is.

Musollini wrote that the state and the banks and strongest corporations should together run the state. For years you've been told he was wrong, but here, we are in his footsteps. We should apologize to him.

None of it means I have to like McCrony or apologize for him. And it doesn't mean I like the afro-socialist, or his marxist back-up hillbilly who will step in if the Berg case kicks him out.

It's a sad time, and I think only God can straighten this mess out.

But, what will we get? McCrony will tell us how much he admires the accomplishments of the afro-marxist tonight. They call it a debate. McCrony thinks he gets ahead by acknowledging everything he likes about the marxist. It makes me sick.

And why does Ron Paul look like an anemic Ross Perot? Is that the best our country can do, really?

Do you really believe these are our best? The afro-marxist, the old man crony, and a sick looking kook murmuring some things that will grab attention. To his credit, at least the kook appears to be listening to his constituency. The crony is vying for the marxist's constituency and the marxist is busy hiding who he answers to.

I think the debate will be a mess. And I think the more McCrony plays nice tonight the worse his chances will get. It's sad, but it almost looks like he wants the marxist to win.

UPDATE: Do you all remember how they threw Eliot Spitzer under the bus? The New York AG who was taking out a bunch of the problematic companies we now see getting bailed out? Well, here's an article by him last February talking about how President Bush preempted state predatory lending laws in order to keep the mortgage machine churning out all them kick-backs. Sometime go back and look at the headline cases he had going after corruption in the corps... the list is eerily (not really) similar to the headlines of today in the bailout and failures.

But before any of you go off on Eliot Spitzer, ask yourself one question: Which is the worse crime: sleeping with a prostitute? or, stealing billions and billions from the public? I think I know which one I think is worse.

So, I only bring that up back I'm tired of everyone (like Hannibot or the O'Robot) exonerating the republicans of eing on the take from the mortgage till. Like I said before, it's a DC corruption thing, and perhaps McCrony is right when he says it is a bipartisan thing, because both sides made that mess.