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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 06, 2008

New Ave Maria Law School Prospectus Is Interesting

Recently, I received in the mail the 2009-2010 "Prospectus" for Ave Maria School of Law. The Prospectus is a glossy booklet containing glowing reports of AMSL's successes and colorful pictures of smiling students. But there are some interesting things to note:

1. Kate O'Beirne is not listed as member of the Board of Governors (though she is still listed on the AMSL website as of today). Does anyone know what happened to her? Has she resigned or been term-limited off the Board? Have I missed any announcements from the school about her leaving? (And if she is gone, who has taken her place on the super-secret, super-powerful Executive Committee?)

2. The "Dean's Message" on the first page is not by Dobranski (who is still currently Dean of AMSL and a prominent member of the Board of Governors), but by Milhizer who is titled "Acting Dean and Associate Professor of Law."

3. On the back cover, AMSL's mailing address in Ann Arbor is listed as "effective through July 31, 2009." Underneath the Ann Arbor mailing address, it says "Naples, Florida (effective August 1, 2009)."

4. On page 18, in the list of student organizations, there is a "Democratic Law Students Council." Must be a new group. I wonder what their position is regarding the upcoming election. Now I accept the possibility of being a pro-life Democrat working to advance the pro-life cause in the Democratic party, but if you're a faithful Catholic and a pro-life Democrat, I'm not sure that it's acceptable to endorse Obama for President this election.

5. On page 23, the Prospectus lists the different types of academic excellence scholarships available to students and the minimum criteria required for eligibility. For the St. Thomas More Full-Tuition Scholarship, students need a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.75 and an LSAT score of 157. For a $20K-25K scholarship, you need a minimum of a 3.50 GPA and a LSAT of 155. For a $10K-15K scholarship, you need a minimum of a 3.30 GPA and a LSAT of 153. A maximum of 20 scholarships of each kind are awarded annually.

You only need a 157 in order to get a full-tuition scholarship? That seems like a incredibly low score. Cooley seems to have comparable full-tuition scholarship but their LSAT level is a 163. Does anyone remember what the minimum LSAT score for a full-tuition scholarship was a few years ago during AMSL's glory years? Wasn't it higher than a 157?