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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky Pleased as U.S. Financial Base Nationalized

It's good to know that if you can scrape together $153 Billion dollars of "sweetener," you too can have your own U.S. Congress to play with as you wish.

Nonetheless, and despite my apparently ignorant understanding of what all the great elite minds in the media have conjured, we are more communist than China.

It's apparent that the underpinnings of Fatima's warning that unless Russia be consecrated soon (to 1917), the communist errors would spread throughout the world. Fortunately, John Paul II did get this done (1984), with Russia enacting a fierce protection of religious liberties in 1990 (that's 100 years after Leo XIII's 1888 vision of the devil receiving a century to tear it up).

The U.S. has destroyed marriage, now promotes homosexuality, forces indoctrination on our children that aren't killed in abortion or post-abortion neglect, and wants more (see Obama for that agenda). We truly have the state Marx hoped for in more ways than he could have hoped for -- Rosey O'Donell or Ellen Degeneres and their promotion is Q.E.D.

Yet, despite the way our news talks about them as if it is 1963, Russia is tightening all avenues of abortion it can without getting penalized by the I.M.F., has vehemently destroyed the vestiges of the lavender mafia within its ranks, and is working its central banking system off of the IMF/worldbank system.

I don't understand why we are now communist and Russia is perhaps the farthest from it it has ever been, as it has turned to private land ownership and done its best to not only get rid of nationalized ownership but even all vestiges of feudal times.

Well, I do understand it actually. Russia has turned back to God, just as Our Lady of Fatima promised. We need to do the same rapidly and forget the cold war crap and military activities on Russia's borders. We can't afford it if for any other reason. I don't know why we insist on provoking Russia unless it is to curry a favor an attempt a split interest within the SCO treaty org. A desperate attempt for the past... we know we aren't strong enough to take on China or even India, so we continue to demonize the littlest kid on that block, Russia.

The real problem. We have a representative government, but the bail out discussions prove that out government doesn't represent us anymore. Feinstein's office alone got 95,000 contacts about the bailout, and 85,000 were against it. She voted for it anyway. Similar number for other reps. Maybe it's not the bailout, but rather the oligarchical "representation" of our government that is really the end of U.S. dominance in the world.

While you shmucks have been duped into a debate over the CRA, the democrats, and republican problems, they still miss the mark that one of the real culprits is right here under it all. Yes, the CRA, and Barney Frank didn't help, but they don't really mean much more than a few hairs on the neck of the body really motivating the money policy. No wonder our so-called elected representatives could care less what we say about things.

In the end, it may well be Russia that bails our butts out of this mess because they are the ones who kicked the thieves out of their own country first.

Oh wait, salvation is coming from the neocon Republican Party. After all, they represent us, right?

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!