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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hillary on SCOTUS... Connecticut is now Degeneres..and more

Bill kicks dirt as Obama (aka B.O.) and Hillary kiss again. Abortion racketeers want Obama to be pres so he'll put Hillary on SCOTUS. see Wash Times article here.

The two women pictured are not Unitarian ministers, rather, Connecticut makes Ellen happy, and the two women on the left are now "married." see more short hair pics and court "rationale" here. There seems to be some irony in the name "Mock."

Russia being sued by gays for because they can't even have gay "pride" parades, much less any delusions of "marriage" lest Russia be defiled merely by the act.

But, lucky for this 600lb guy that he lived in a trailer, as opposed to a brick house that would be difficult to cut!

Bookies stop taking bets on alien event planned for today, worried they may have to pay out millions if aliens actually land tonight.

There is some hope that folks still have some sense as Howard Stern is apparently losing audience -- or is he to be replaced by something worse?

Er, strike that, as a Florida man, is sentenced to jail time for refusing homeowner association's demand to sod brown lawn. I'm not sure what is worse... that the court case had "expert" witness fees or that, as the guy says himself, "Should I go out and rob a bank? Then I'd be back here," he said. "But then I'd get out on bail."

Meanwhile, Tom Monaghan sent me a personal 4-page letter today wherein he begs me to send him cash in order to "seal a bond" with him. Yes, the quote is direct. It's from the underlined and bolded paragraph at the end of the letter where he also promises to "send something special" to me if I "seal a bond" with him. *puke*