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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why Palin's Hair Matters . . .

There has been some talk about Gov. Sarah Palin's hair do.

Mario Russo a "stylist" from Boston says of her hair style: “It’s about 20 years out of date. Which goes to show how off she might be on current events.”

I wonder if "Mario" and the other chorus of homosexuals get it.

The reason people like Sarah Palin is because she is comes off as a real woman who is rooted in her identity as a child of God, and that roots her to a very clear vision of the meaning of life and politics.

Homosexual opinion of her hair "style" really doesn't have a role in that scene.

Living in a major American city, I frequently come across women who have become victims of homosexual counsel.

At some level wounded and broken, these fractured women pay $1,000's of dollars to get their self-esteem stroked up by a cadre of gay men who sell them on the latest look and beauty treatment and products. It breaks my heart to see a perfectly beautiful woman with barely an eyebrow hair left because she listened to some gay jerk-off's opinion about what will make her beautiful. She doesn't know she is deeply loved as she is, so she goes to the salon to be reassured and get the latest "look" that will make her relevant and get the latest fashionable opinions that the beautiful people share. Like a leaf she is tossed on the flighty air emitted by gay counsel.

There is something very misogynistic about homosexual "stylists."

What is so appealing about Sarah Palin is her clear knowledge that there is something true and good deep within, put there by a loving God, and that radiates out of her. It is what is truly appealing in any person.

"Stylists" (like Satan himself) try to ape, copy and make a forgery of the authentic beauty that comes from God's welcome presence within a person.

What America likes about Palin is her authenticity, and she is so authentic it speaks even through her hair do. The same is true of John Edwards except it speaks of his authentic fatuous and shallow character - all style, no substance. One wonders if a homosexual sold Biden on his hair plugs as well?

Palin's hair, like herself, is about showing the American people that being authentically rooted in principle never goes out of style.