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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, September 12, 2008

When Religious Ignorance Meets Complete Stupidity

We've heard repeated in many left-wing circles (various blogs, Susan Surandon, Donna Brazile, and too many others to count by now) what is no doubt intended as a pithy and thought-provoking comment in response to Governor Palin's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. In that speech, Governor Palin took on the already-building criticism that her mayoral experience in the small town of Wasilla was meaningless:

"Before I became governor of the great state of Alaska, I was mayor of my hometown. And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities."

The poorly-thought-out response to that has been:

"Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor."

What? There are many routes we can go down to take apart this foolish and ridiculous statement (Weren't the last 2 Presidents elected from the Democrat Party governors, for instance?; what business do these ACLU-supporting nuts have talking about religion?).

Since FUMARE is a Catholic-leaning blog, I'll take a moment to give these opportunistic morons the only response due to them:

-Jesus Christ was not a secular community organizer. He is God, the second person of the Trinity. He did organize (founded, more properly) a community, but you ridicule that community - The Catholic Church - and do all you can to keep it from being a meaningful voice in society. The Church built upon Christ stands up against just about everything you people hold dear.

If you really want to invoke Christ in your political responses, take a moment to read what he did and said. You might find out that Jesus did not come just to share and care. He's not some nice guy merely on the same level as Ghandi. He is God, He is TRUTH and He came to set in place a structure for moral living and salvation for mankind. Here's a helpful hint for you as you start to explore the Jesus you try to use to political advantage - start with abortion and the Church's response to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. There's a good chance you don't want to go there, even though I hope you do.