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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Kmiec Silliness and Corresponding Rebuttals

Okay, so I'm posting about Doug Kmiec again. I can't help it. When somebody who apparently used to be very intelligent descends into such a level of intellectual dishonesty, it bothers me greatly.

The big news is that Kmiec has a book out trying to persuade Catholics that pro-abortion Obama is actually "pro-life," and so everyone should vote for him. The book is entitled "Can a Catholic Support Him?" and has an introduction by the "ardent, practicing" Catholic Martin Sheen. No word yet if the book has an imprimatur.

In the book, Kmiec defends Obama's opposition to the Illinois Born Alive law. You can read a book excerpt containing Kmiec's reasoning on this issue here. Kmiec ties himself in knots of illogicality in trying to defend Obama on this issue. Thankfully, Kmiec's many errors are refuted here and here. Kmiec's account of the events surrounding the Illinois statute is not even correct, according to the non-partisan FactCheck.org.

If you're interested in reading some more of the book, but don't want to give Kmiec (and Obama) money by buying it, here's another excerpt where Kmiec describes "The Day I Was Denied Communion for Endorsing Obama." A warning: it may induce nausea.

Finally, Kmiec published a recent editorial in the Chicago Tribune, again trying to convince Catholics to vote for Obama. Kmiec says:
Obama seeks to extend a helping hand (increased funding for prenatal care, maternity leave and less cumbersome and expensive adoption) with an astute understanding of how closely economic circumstances and abortion are related. Both reasonable extrapolations from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics and a recent Catholic in Alliance for the Common Good study find that improving the economic well-being of the average family in general, and of the women facing the abortion decision in particular, can save unborn lives.
Kmiec has cited this Catholics in Alliance study as support that Obama and his economic plan will reduce the number of abortions. The problem is that the study also shows that when government funding is provided for abortion services, the number of abortions goes up as much as 10%. That's one of reasons why I don't understand Kmiec saying that abortions will go down under Obama: Obama promises to pass the Freedom of Choice Act, will remove abortion restrictions, and will increase government funding, which will obviously increase the number of abortions. Hhhmmm, maybe I don't understand because I haven't read Kmiec's book.