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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google Trends Tells Us What this Election is All About

Google Trends is a lot of fun.

It can give you insights into what people are really focusing on, despite what the MSM would tell us.

So, I set out to find whether search trends could tell if people are more interested in McCain or Obama:

With only one exception, people are searching more for Obama. But what about Obama vs Palin?Clearly people are more interested in Gov. Palin since she stepped onto the scene.

But this could really only be a temporary blip considering she is new to people.

So assuming that Obama has the greater search interest, what are the issues that people are really interested in searching about Obama?

Answer: Abortion

Look at the following search trend comparisons.

Abortion Obama
vs Healthcare Obama:

Abortion Obama vs War Obama:

Abortion Obama vs Economy Obama:

Why are people more interested in "Abortion Obama," than his name searched with healthcare, war, or the economy?

Obama has extremely radical views about the "fundamental right of abortion", could it be that people are waking up to these views?

Could it be that with the introduction of Gov. Palin this election is turning out to be a National Referendum on Abortion?

Perhaps that is a bit much to extrapolate from this data, but it is interesting to consider.

At the least, Pat Buchanan agrees that this is the make or break moment for the Pro-Life Community.

Obama will not only turn back the clock on the gains from the last 40 years of fighting for the Human Rights of the unborn, his policies will bring about a hay-day for the abortion mills.

Under his leadership we will see the abortion rates soar as too we will see our tax dollar contribution to abortion mills rise. The failed policies of "sex education" will become the center piece of all educational initiatives and we will see younger and younger girls coming to the clinics to have abortions.

When one Google's Abortion Obama, one discovers a truly monstrous ideologue who must be stopped.

UPDATE:  It seems that the press are waking up to the fact that the battle ground states will be won or lost on the Catholic Vote and that Catholic Voters are debating one issue: Is ABORTION non-negotiable, or is it something that can be proportionally ignored? 

Abortion Wars

Catholic Vote Divided

And yet, it seems that the only person who doesn't know that this election is about Abortion is John McCain.