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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fired AMU Basketball Coach Story Gets Even More Bizarre

AveWatch has a post on new developments in the Ave Maria University basketball coach story. The Naples News is reporting accusations that AMU coach Benitez lied on his resume when he was first hired, that he lied to recruits, and that he mistreated players. The whole story is quite bizarre. If the accusations are true, it sounds like Benitez is a real nut and that there were plenty of reasons to fire him. The question then becomes, how did an alleged crazy liar get hired in the first place? Who at Ave Maria University hired him and why?

UPDATE: What is interesting is the Naples News article from March 2008 when Benitez was hired. At the time, the News reported:
Benitez brings a wealth of coaching experience from across the globe. The 42-year-old has coached in 11 different leagues and organizations, including the CBA, USBL, ABA, World Basketball League and professional leagues in Venezuela and Mexico.
Benitez, who will move to Ave Maria with his wife and three children, played basketball and baseball at King High School in Tampa and spent three years in the Army. Benitez played professional baseball and basketball in his native Puerto Rico.

He spent last season as an NBA scout for longtime pro basketball guru Marty Blake.
Now the Naples News is saying that this entire resume is apparently exaggerated or false. Also interesting is AMU's praise of Benitez back in March:
Athletic director Brian Scanlan said mutual friends in Fort Myers recommended Benitez to help establish the Gyrenes' program.

"There's no one else I have spoken with that has had as much head coaching experience and that has the winning percentage he has," Scanlan said. "I believe he's a very strong man of faith, which will fit in well at Ave Maria."
I don't think Scanlan would repeat this is you asked him about Benitez today.