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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama's Lies Regarding the Illinois Born Alive Bills

I'm finding the story about Obama and the Illinois Born Alive bills to be fascinating. To recap the story briefly, when Obama was an Illinois senator, he opposed bills which tried to give protection to live infants who were fully born following a botched abortion (even NARAL remained neutral on this issue). (Obama's words opposing the bills where he effectively argues in support of infanticide are disturbing.) A similar federal law passed unanimously, with even pro-choice politicians supporting it. When confronted by his extremely radical position, Obama said that he found the language of the Illinois law problematic and that if it had been worded similarly to the federal law, he would have not opposed it. Turns out, this is a huge lie by Obama, because at one point, the Illinois law was similar in language to the federal law, and yet Obama still was against it.

The National Right to Life Committee has been at the forefront in documenting this story and Obama's attempt to white-wash it, and in calling out Obama on his lies. The nonpartisan, nonprofit FactCheck.org recently reported on the story, confirming much of what the NRLC has said. (HT: Professor Bainbridge.) When it comes to life issues, there is no doubt that Obama is the most extreme presidential candidate we've ever seen.