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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Changing the Political Landscape Must be Done at the Local Level...Alaskans Have a Chance

With Stevens Out . . .
Alaskans Can Elect A Sound Catholic


With U.S. Republican Sen. Ted Stevens "lawyering up" to defend himself against a seven-count in dictment on charges of making false financial statements, Alaskan Catholics--Republicans, Democrats, and Independents--have the opportunity to replace Stevens with a staunch Catholic pro-lifer who is also pro-Constitution, pro peace, and pro-Alaska.

That candidate, Bob Bird, a teacher of history and government for 34 years, a Buchanan delegate to the Republican Convention in San Diego in 1996, a former president of Alaska Right to Life, a leader in the pro-life Alaska Rescue Project, challenged Stevens in the 1990 Republican primary, and while Stevens outspent him $700,000 to $60,000, Bird managed to win more than 34,000 votes, compared to Stevens' 81,000 votes.

"I’m the Ron Paul candidate," Bird told The Wanderer in a recent interview.

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