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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Abort Obama

As the Democrats gather in Denver this week to fondle cocktail waitresses, get drunk, and put forth the latest litany of socialist aspirations (did anyone see the crazy hijinks of Sr. Helen Prejean at the "Inter-Faith Gathering" prior to the convention? Never gets old!), it is an opportunity for us to laugh and have fun. Truly there is nothing more infuriating to one's enemy as when he is the object of laughter!

That's why I'll be selling "Obama Ears." No, Boko, they are not "elephant ears"--that tasty morsel of fried dough that one would find at county fairs across the country--rather, they are not unlike the Mickey Mouse Club "mouse ears." I'll be at Joseph Lighthorse's Amoco down the street from the convention selling "Obama Ears," all proceeds will benefit pro-life charities. Demonstrate your support for the unborn and poke fun at the self-conscious Barry's second most embarrassing physical attribute.

On a more serious note, check out AbortObama.com. Do your part to abort Obama's candidacy!