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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Is this Guy a Capitalist?!?

Fumare has hosted an on-going discussion about Capitalism and Catholic Social Teaching for some time now. Perhaps the most interesting intervention in this discussion came from our beloved Avocato Milletaris who pointed out that the debate was really all about FREEDOM.

We are more free when we, small families, own our own means of livelihood, and we are less free when big corporations own these means. The Chesterbelloc argued that Capitalism and Communism eventually converge because they both aim at the removal of productive property (and thus freedom) from the hands of families and into the hands of a class of elites who control it and the State.

Anyway, this story (loads after ad) came along and begs the question: Is this guy a Capitalist?

He and his family own a number of businesses: here, here and here; operate an educational Institute, and online journal called the Urbanhomestead; run an awareness campaigns like the 100footdiet challenge, and Grow for Ten Thousand, and they have a non-profit.

Ask yourself if you have time to give this kind of boost to the issues you care about with your 9 to 5er? Are you free?

So, who is this guy anyway?

Turns out he is Catholic, with a degree in Theology.

Here is a lecture that is worth a look (broken into 5 parts).

This makes me think, he has been reading the Distributivists and taking Catholic Social Teaching seriously. From the Compendium:
Serious ecological problems call for an effective change of mentality leading to the adoption of new lifestyles, "in which the quest for truth, beauty, goodness and communion with others for the sake of the common good are the factors that determine consumer choices, savings and investments". These lifestyles should be inspired by sobriety, temperance, and self-discipline at both the individual and social levels. There is a need to break with the logic of mere consumption and promote forms of agricultural and industrial production that respect the order of creation and satisfy the basic human needs of all. These attitudes, sustained by a renewed awareness of the interdependence of all the inhabitants of the earth, will contribute to eliminating the numerous causes of ecological disasters as well as guaranteeing the ability to respond quickly when such disasters strike peoples and territories. The ecological question must not be faced solely because of the frightening prospects that environmental destruction represents; rather it must above all become a strong motivation for an authentic solidarity of worldwide dimensions.