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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goo Goo Chaput

I received two interesting emails today. Our Mutual Friend sends an Ave BoG member review of Denver Archbishop Chaput's Render Unto Caesar. Although I was rather a Chaput fan for years, I have been rather displeased with much of his recent output, so I'm looking forward to reading this contribution to the discussion on the role of "religion in the public square." I am on a different side of the immigration debate than is Chaput and I think Chaput did that debate a real disservice by falsely stating that supporting the deportation of illegals amounted to supporting the separation of children from their parents. (No one I know has any problem with the kids leaving with their parents.) I was also disheartened when I read recently on the First Things blog that Chaput, as a priest!, campaigned for Jimmy Carter against Reagan. Chaput has repented of that decision, inasmuch as he now recognizes the bankruptcy of the "personally opposed but" political gambit vis a vis abortion. But I see no sign that Chaput recognizes that, just maybe, Reagan may have been a better choice than Carter even if we took the abortion issue off the table. I came of age during the Reagan years. My father voted for Reagan 5 times. Two primary and two election victories and once on the losing side against Ford in the 1976 Republican primaries. That's the most anyone ever could have voted for Reagan without having been a resident of California, a member of SAG, or a dead Chicagoan. I remember priests in the 80s who trashed Reagan from the pulpit. I have no doubt that priests of this ilk drove many faithful from the Church. I don't think this is what OMF had in mind when he suggested I commend this review to Fumare readers, but the wounds of the 80s are still raw. (On the bright side, I saw REM live a few times in small venues back before Michael Stipe was gay.) I am told that Chaput's new book touches on these topics (not REM, but immigration and abortion), so read the review and read the book.

Oh, and the other link I got emailed was this.