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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pucillo Email Re: Tulane Law

From: Pucillo, Philip A
Sent: Wed 6/18/2008 7:51 PM
To: All Law System Distribution; All Alumni
Subject: my visit at Tulane

Dear members of the Ave Maria School of Law community,

I write to inform you that I will spend the forthcoming academic year as a visitor at Tulane Law School, where I will teach Federal Courts, Administrative Law, and Constitutional Law. As you might imagine, I am thrilled and honored that I will have the opportunity to serve alongside my former professors, and to teach some terrific courses in the very classrooms where I sat as a student.

It has been such a blessing to get to know and to work with so many of you. Although my status as an Ave Maria faculty member is set to expire later this summer, my commitment to the success of Ave Maria’s students and alumni will endure. Anyone wishing to contact me may do so using the Ave Maria e-mail system (until August 15) or at papucillo AT yahoo DOT com. For those of you who have me listed as a reference, I expect that I will have specific Tulane contact information within the next month or so.

Have a wonderful summer, and please stay in touch.

God bless,

Phil Pucillo