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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Naples News Article on Slow Ave Maria Growth

The Naples News reports that Ave Maria Town "is falling well short of projections, and the lack of growth could affect major efforts associated with the new town in eastern Collier County."

Home sales are 10% of what was projected, which leads to lower road impact fees, which leads to a delay in the "Oil Well Road Widening Project" (which was supposed to begin in Spring 2008), which leads to slow growth and fewer home sales. A vicious circle.

It is incredible to think that home sales are only 10% of projections. The article reports that "For more than six months Monaghan has publicly blamed the real estate market for the town's failure to meet its goals."

We said that you shouldn't gamble AMSOL's future on real estate speculations. We said that we should just wait a couple of years to let Ave Maria Town/University become established before moving the law school. But did Monaghan and the Board of Governors listen? No, they didn't.

HT: commenter "curious"