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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Preposterous Milhizer Quote in NLJ

Advocatus Militaris already linked to this National Law Journal article about the faculty exodus from AMSL.
The brain drain at the school has been devastating, Myers said. "There were 20 full-time people on the faculty a year-and-a-half ago," he said. "Next year there will be five of that group left teaching full-time. That's a dramatic change."
Yet another professor who quit said he was the victim of retaliation in the form of tiny salary increases after he did not support the move to Florida. "I wouldn't have looked elsewhere except for the mistreatment by Dean Dobranski," he said.
I wonder who this anonymous professor is. We know Dobranski has used this revolting tactic of penalizing salaries before. (Myers said it happened to him.)

It was mentioned in the comments, but I thought this preposterous statement by Milhizer deserved greater publicity in a post.
When asked if he was concerned about the faculty departures, Milhizer said, "we value all our faculty."

He denied that the departures were related to the move to Florida. "Even if we weren't moving to Florida, there would be departures," Milhizer said. "That's what happens at law schools."
... because it is normal for 15 out of 20 faculty to leave a law school (never mind the fact that many faculty actually said that their departures are due to Florida and/or Monaghan injustice). Dean Milhizer, I know you want to downplay the instability that the Florida move is causing to the school, but if you say idiotic things that are out of touch with reality, it makes you look like an idiot out of touch with reality. Next time, just admit that many of the professors are not going to move to Florida, and then say that you are confident that you will find new top-notch faculty to replace them. See how easy that is?