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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Articles on Current AMSL Turmoil

Above The Law, a widely-read legal gossip blog, is reporting on the faculty exodus from AMSL. It lists all the professors who have left.

Also, AveWatch has analysis on a recent Naples News article, about AMU spending money to buy students, "stealing" them from places like Christendom.
Since the Ave Maria Foundation funds both AMU and AMSL, it is valid to ask if AMSL is being shorted to bolster AMU. If real estate investment money is not rolling in to AMU yet, and students are not paying much of their own tuition even after being open for 5 years, how can AMU afford 2 new dorms, a $12M athletic facility, fielding sports teams & coaches, and all these scholarships (including ones for athletes)?
AveWatch makes a good point. The Foundation is telling AMSL that it doesn't have enough money to build a permanent building, and yet, the Foundation is spending tons of money on AMU.... right, Monaghan has no conflicts of interest and always makes decisions with the best interests of AMSL (and not AMU) in mind.