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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ah, What Truth Lies in Wait in the Moments of Our Preoccupation?

Be sure to check out Part 4 of Mr. Monaghan's deposition below. Very interesting what glimpses one gets of a person's beliefs when they let things slip out:

"Q. And who would have been at the muster [meeting]?

A. People from various entities of the foundation.

Q. And what do you mean by that, "various entities of the foundation"?

A. Could be Legatus, Thomas More, the law school, the college or the university."

I see. Various entities of the Foundation. Uh-huh. So either these are all separate entites run on their own with a loose financial tie to the Foundation, or the Foundation acts as an umbrella entity, or something akin to a parent company. Which is it? I tend to believe the version that comes out when the deponent is focusing on not answering some other question. When his attention is on carefully choosing his words on some other topic, we get a bit of what he really thinks on a more fundamental issue.

The Columbo routine is wearing a bit thin for a guy who views all these enterprises as ones under his Foundation's control, don't you think?