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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Hillary Will Win the Nomination

In the good old days, Democrats were Catholic and Catholics were Democrats - the champion of the working man and his family, the party of Catholic Social Teaching in an age when that meant labor issues.

However, the civil rights movement alerted the party leadership that if it became the voice of a "victim class" it would get the support of that entire class of voters. So, civil rights meant the "Black Vote" and patriarchally oppressed women meant the "Women's Vote" and minority rights meant the "Minority Vote". This is what the party is all about today - victim class special interests.

So now we have a contest between Hillary and Obama and the party is being split down the middle. Why? Because the party has to decide which victim class is more of a victim and therefore "deserves" to be in the White House more. The Democratic Electorate is trying to answer the following question:

Is the victim class collective "pain" of Women greater than that of Blacks? Or in another way, who is the greater oppressor - "Men" or "Whitey"?

This is what the Rev. Wright issue is all about. Rev. Wright is only saying what the Democratic leadership have been nodding their heads to for years, "Whitey is the reason your life is miserable."

Of course, no one pays attention to the fact that Hillary and Obama are both elite members of their respective genders and race. Facts don't matter in identity politics, nor do principles.

So who is going to win? Who is the greater victim: Hilary (for Women) or Obama (for Blacks)?

My prediction, is that it will eventually be Hillary. Why?

Because Hillary also represents another victim class - Homosexuals.

Despite her marriage to Bill, she has been campaigning with her daughter - visually this is a female couple campaigning for the presidency.

The subtext of this "politics of the image" is of course lesbianism. Like the subtext of "Two and a Half Men" is homosexual marriage and adoption.

Hillary is "reading" in the media as a member of two victim classes: Women and Homosexuals.

That's two victim classes for Hillary and only one victim class for Obama.

That is why Hillary will ultimately win the nomination of her party. She embodies more victim classes as a woman and a lesbian.