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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vineyards Will Provide Students With Plenty of Pro Bono Opportunities

Moving to the Vineyards will prove to be a wonderful opportunity. A place where Catholic culture thrives and where there is plenty of need for pro bono work.

Just trust Tom Monaghan and the Ave Maria Foundation, they have your best interest always at heart. Nothing will happen to you while they are looking out for you.

For example, he wouldn't move the whole AMSoL community to the Vineyards unless the Blessed Virgin Mary told him that in a slumping housing market and national crisis, that he could get this property into the black by moving AMSoL down there.

Nor would he put AMSoL through the battery, divorce and destruction of the community for the promise of a dream campus and building that doesn't materialize for another hmm say 10 to 15 years.

Nor would he force AMSoL down there with the promise of a new building, and simply to turn around and say, "Well you are not officially part of AMU, so AMU will give you the land, but you will have to raise all the money yourself for construction costs."

He wouldn't do that, even if he was running out of money (which he is), you can trust him.

And he wouldn't simply put AMSoL on the back burner for as long as possible to collect rent from an institution that he is giving to (simply to save costs).

Tom Monaghan won't screw you, trust me, he won't. You can trust him to serve his own best interests, which are yours too, don't you know?