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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stop Trashing Detroit!

Though I'm not from the great city of Detroit, Detroit holds a special place in my heart due to the fact that I lived 3 years in Southeast Michigan while attending AMSL. You may be aware of the ongoing controversy involving Kwame Kilpatrick, the Mayor of Detroit, which hit the national news a little while ago. To recap, Mayor Kwame has been accused of perjury, misusing city funds, having an affair with his chief of staff, and a lot of other things.

Now I'm quite upset, so everyone who has said negative things about Mayor Kwame, hear me loud and clear: Stop criticizing Mayor Kwame! You are trashing the city of Detroit!

The media, the City Council, the County Prosecutor, and everyone who is attacking Mayor Kwame: You are all hurting the City of Detroit! It is because of you, that the reputation of Detroit is suffering. Your criticism of Mayor Kwame is creating a scandal which hurts Detroit's image, affecting things like business and tourism.

The allegations against Mayor Kwame have not been proven in a court of law. Let the legal process go forward. It is simply un-Christian and slanderous to heap these unproven calumnies on Mayor Kwame's head.

Look, if you people have a problem, any disagreement with Mayor Kwame should be kept personal and quiet. The bravado of the media, publicly airing the details of the controversy surrounding Mayor Kwame, is unconscionable. And to all those people who are writing letters to the editor demanding Mayor Kwame's resignation, which are later published in newspapers: People, your letters are hurting Detroit! Resolve your differences with Mayor Kwame internally. Stop airing your dirty laundry for the entire world to see!

Mayor Kwame has done great things for the city of Detroit in the past years. Have you forgotten all that he has achieved? He has balanced the budget, built 75 buildings in the downtown area, 7 new hotels, 3 rec centers, and much more. You should be grateful for what Mayor Kwame has done. It is so hypocritical of you to be biting the hand that feeds you. Remember also, Mayor Kwame is the lawfully-elected mayor of Detroit. He has the authority to lead Detroit in a way he sees fit. If you do not submit to Mayor Kwame's authority, you are a dissident.

What is especially ugly is the way that the Detroit City Council has been in a pointless stand-off with Mayor Kwame. It is the job of the City Council to support the Mayor, and yet they spend all their time passing non-binding resolutions of no-confidence. Of course, Mayor Kwame ignored the no-confidence resolution. What did the City Council think it would accomplish? Nothing. All it did was further damage the relationship between them and Mayor Kwame, and bring more negative press to Detroit. The City Council needs to work with Mayor Kwame, instead of engaging in worthless acts of bravado.

Finally, it is disgusting how people ran and complained to the County Prosecutor's Office. Everyone knows that the Prosecutor's Office is a secular, liberal institution, that is looking for any reason to undermine Mayor Kwame and to cast Detroit in a negative light. If the Prosecutor succeeds in making felony charges stick against Mayor Kwame, Detroit will be the laughingstock of America, and it will all be the fault of those who ran whining to the Prosecutor.

So stop trashing Mayor Kwame and the City of Detroit! You call yourselves Christian citizens, and yet look at what you do: you spew calumnies and tear down a great city. If I were a mayor, I wouldn't want to have you as citizens in my city. Please leave Detroit! You are so bitter, and you obviously hate this great city.