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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Stop Looking at Me Swan!"

One exchange in the recently posted Monaghan deposition (part 2 -linked below) caught my attention:

"THE WITNESS: Steve, have you been staring at me the whole time like that? From the time being? Is that meant to intimidate me or something?
Have you been starting at me all along like you have been for the last minute or two?

Q. You want to explain how he's -- why don't you put on the record how he's staring at you, sir?

A. Well, just that -- he just -- he's just looking at me and totally focused on me.

Q. Well, is there something wrong with that? Aren't you the witness here today?

A. No, I am.
I am just wondering if that's --

Q. Are you intimidated by Steve Safranek?

A. No."

This all seemed very bizarre. No doubt Professor Safranek was trying to see if Monaghan had any facial reaction to Ms. Gordon's reading of the faculty no confidence vote. Not a weird thing for a lawyer or a plaintiff to do in a deposition, really. Monaghan - as he apparently did when the no confidence vote was originally passed - didn't really pay much attention to Ms. Gordon's reading of it but was focused on what he perceived as Safranek getting too big for his britches. There's a nice microcosm, no?

Still, the whole couple minute exchange of weirdness reminded me of some other nutty rich guy who was out of his depth when faced with running an otherwise successful enterprise that he had little understanding of. I'm looking at you Billy Madison.

Perhaps paranoia is common in these kinds of situations?