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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Naples = Bathing Suits

From the Bavarian beer comments, Frau Blucher raises an important argument:
To those who cry "Fr. Hardon" and "6th Commandment":

Why have we not seen ANYONE argue that moving to Florida is immoral on the grounds that the beaches and weather there promote impure thoughts?

While Michigan AMSL women are bundled in coats, FL AMSL women will be in shorts, tight t-shirts, or worse. AMSL students will be exposed to all manner of undress far worse than the Bavarian Beer ladies.

Tom Monaghan isn't taking people to heaven. He is taking them to hell by putting them in a bawdy beach climate the promotes immodesty during a time in life (20's) where sexual maturity is at its peak.

South Florida = Sins of Flesh

Monaghan & Healy will have to answer to God for this!

Frau Blucher | 04.24.08 - 9:54 am | #
Isn't the Vineyards campus near the beach (and near bikinis)? The horror!!