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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Emails Re: Milhizer as Interim Dean, While Dobranski Recovers

From: Dobranski, Bernard
Sent: Tue 4/1/2008 1:51 PM
To: All Law System Distribution; All Alumni
Subject: Medical Leave of Absence and Appointment of Interim Dean

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni,

As you know, I have been suffering with medical problems over the past few months. Because of a low-grade staph infection contracted during my hip replacement surgery and other complications, I have had to undergo two additional surgeries: the first one to remove scar tissue and the second to reconstruct part of my hip joint. Because of the nature of the last operations, my doctors are recommending an intensive rehabilitation program. Therefore, Dean Eugene Milhizer has been appointed Interim Dean until my doctors approve my return to work.

I ask you to give Dean Milhizer your full support and prayers.

Please pray for me. I am joining myself to the crucified Christ and offering my suffering for the good of our beloved Ave Maria School of Law.

Bernard Dobranski
President and Dean
From: Green, Rosanne on behalf of Milhizer, Eugene R
Sent: Tue 4/1/2008 1:51 PM
To: All Law System Distribution; All Alumni
Subject: Appointment as Interim Dean

Dear Law School Community,

I am both humbled and honored to be appointed Interim Dean for the Law School. Like so many others - faculty, staff, and students alike - I joined this academic community to be part of an educational enterprise that deeply respects and appreciates the relationship between faith and reason. I consider it to be a unique privilege to be able to contribute to the Law School's educational mission as a distinctively Catholic law school committed to the integration of natural law and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

As Interim Dean, I will assume day-to-day responsibility for the operation of the School of Law. I look forward to working closely with our Board of Governors, faculty, staff, and students to ensure that the Law School moves forward in a productive and constructive manner. My appointment as Interim Dean is temporary and will conclude upon Dean Dobranski’s full recuperation and return to the Law School. Dean Dobranski retains the position of President of the Law School.

Since assuming responsibilities as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in May 2006, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Dean Dobranski, our faculty, and members of the senior administration. I have also been involved in a host of planning efforts that focus on building a strong future for the Law School. I am confident that with the help and support of our talented faculty and staff, we will ensure the continued quality of our academic program.

I invite all members of the Ave Maria community to join me in thanking Dean Dobranski for his leadership, and to join me in praying for him until he is able to return to the Law School as President and Dean.

Eugene R. Milhizer
Interim Dean