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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Alumni Board Letter Re: Board Minutes

The following letter was approved by the Alumni Board on April 1, 2008:
Dear Fellow Alumni,

According to our bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order, each month, after a motion and a vote by the entire Alumni Board, we publicly approve minutes that describe the discussion and decisions of the previous month's Alumni Board meeting. Historically, these minutes have been posted in the alumni section of the school's website.

At the January 2008 meeting, Dean Dobranski sent a message to the Alumni Board saying that he intends to edit and redact our monthly minutes at his sole discretion before permitting the minutes to be posted on the school's website. We believe it is contrary to our rules and to the public character of our meetings for any one member of this Board to claim the authority to unilaterally edit our meeting minutes. We further believe it is important that Alumni Association members continue to have access to unredacted versions of our monthly minutes in order to have an accurate understanding of the events of the meeting.

The Alumni Board has no website of its own and the Dean has refused to give the Board access to a website or email account by which we can provide information directly to you. Nevertheless, one of the Alumni Board members in his personal capacity has created a website where he can post information of interest to alumni. The website is www.avelawalumni.info and is run by Matt Bowman (Class of 2003). On it, you can find our monthly minutes starting with those of January 2008 (unredacted minutes from previous meetings are still available on the school's website). At www.avelawalumni.info, you will also be able to view messages approved by the Alumni Board, such as this one.

We wish you all a happy Easter season.

AMSL Alumni Association Board of Directors