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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Put Your Red On: It's St. Josephs Solemn Feast Day!

Today is the Solemn Feast of St. Joseph. Moved to today in order to prevent the traffic jam during Easter Octave. Throw the lent penance aside and rejoice in this great Patron of the Church. I hope he does something good for you today, too!

Don't take my word for it, rather listen to the words of Pope Leo XIII, in his encyclical on devotion to St. Joseph, Quamquam Pluries:

"Joseph shines among all mankind by the most august dignity, since by divine will, he was the guardian of the Son of God and reputed as His father among men. Hence it came about that the Word of God was humbly subject to Joseph, that He obeyed him, and that He rendered to him all those offices that children are bound to render to their parents. From this two-fold dignity flowed the obligation which nature lays upon the head of families, so that Joseph became the guardian, the administrator, and the legal defender of the divine house whose chief he was."

Quite an instruction pertinent to today's day and time, especially in light of very many comments right here on FUMARE about the Ave Maria thing (and personally, a point about why some find so deplorable the blond obedience of the pro-move-at-any-cost-ignoring-the-sedition crowd, is this post from the same encyclical:

"5. Through these considerations, the poor and those who live by the labour of their hands should be of good heart and learn to be just. If they win the right of emerging from poverty and obtaining a better rank by lawful means, reason and justice uphold them in changing the order established, in the first instance, for them by the Providence of God. But recourse to force and struggles by seditious paths to obtain such ends are madnesses which only aggravate the evil which they aim to suppress. Let the poor, then, if they would be wise, trust not to the promises of seditious men, but rather to the example and patronage of the Blessed Joseph, and to the maternal charity of the Church, which each day takes an increasing compassion on their lot."

Lastly, the Papal exhortation to us (in other words, St. Joseph Day isn't my idea):
"We exhort the faithful to sanctify [St. Joseph Day in March] as far as possible by private pious practices, in honour of their heavenly patron, as though it were a day of Obligation."

Say a little prayer to St. Joseph today at least. And ask him to remember your Casimir favorably for reminding you to seek him.

If you are as moved as I am, put your red on to show some token of remembrance of this great Saint in the Church. Why Red? Well, despite what has been said in some circles of American life, because it's patriotic!


Even for Ukrainians!