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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On Oratories and Sycophants

It is interesting to note the Monaghan sycophant spin that takes place in the comment boxes. The old mantra of Fumare is evil and that we are haters continues in full force from these folks. The latest sortie against "evil Fumare" is the supposed thought that we are against the dedication of the Oratory (and, consequently, the dispensing of the Sacraments in AMT). I don't recall a place where I or any of my colleagues ever claimed that. The Monaghan sycophants fail to make proper distinctions. Succinctly put, the Fumare position--if it may be called that--is to question the following: (1) the manner in which the Oratory was planned, named and constructed--apparently without diocesan approval; (2) the difficult position that the Bishop of Venice has been placed in because of this situation; (3) the obvious and well documented "disconnect" between the Diocese of Venice and AMU regarding these canonical issues; (4) the theological implications of such a disconnect.

It is not my purpose here to flesh out all of these issues. They have been dealt with in previous posts and over on AveWatch. They also seem to be in some manner resolved with the designation of the quasi-parish. The point is that the Monaghan sycophants cannot distinguish between the analysis of these serious issues and Fumare's supposed shadenfreude. The Monaghan sycophant also displays a righteous indigation at any sort of poking fun of Tom Monaghan or anything related to things Hail Mary, while they themselves see no contradiction when they poke fun at us! I am confident in stating that the Fumare gents take the position that we have no beef with the people in AMT (except perhaps questioning their exercise of practical prudence) nor the students at AMU. Therefore, we are glad that they have access to the Sacraments and the Mass (which, incidentally, they had with or without the quasi-parish.) What we do question is the manner in which this was accomplished and the seeming incompetence of AMU officials in addressing significant questions of canon law and legitimate authority. It is a good thing that a pastoral decision has been made. But the questions remain and they are legitimate to ask. Especially in light of how Monaghan operates.

Comments such as "A tough blow to the boys at fumare." or "The trouble with schadenfreud is realizing you are powerless and joyless when good things happen to those you hate." show the lack of critical thinking and ability to distinguish that marks the Monaghan sycophant. For our part, we will not simply shut up. Given the fact that Tom Monaghan has played a significant part in the destruction of a college, a law school and has created havoc in countless people's lives, there is no reason for us not to question how things are done in the Hail Mary entities. In addition to the scintillating analysis, Fumare will continue to have fun and display a joie de vivre of which the Monaghan sycophant is incapable.