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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, March 28, 2008

FUMARE Pro-Bono: the article Incense is writing on law school rank

It has recently been brought to my attention that the Incense Positively Ave Maria blog has many administrative layers to their independent journalism that may hamper the speed an deft with which they can comment on current affairs. I think that's terrible as here at FUMARE, we have secret Bilderberger summits on a near hourly basis in whatever the nearest block of shade or darkness happens to be. Nevertheless, I decided to write the article that Incense intends to post about the news of the US News Law School rankings made available earlier this week.


The US News rankings came out this week and show that a Michigan-based law school is considered to be like evening schools because there is not support or reputation there to help the school be recognized for its greatness. Most law schools that exist in secular areas have trouble establishing high rankings because the people who give reputation rankings hate the idea of truth-teaching faculty and business-like administration. Ave Maria, in particular, because of its mission based in teaching Catholic truth and not yielding an inch to secularism, has this problem because it is located in such a liberal place. Mr. Monaghan's wisdom in selecting a location in Florida for an entire town and university show that he really had many of these troubles figured out and planned for.

Once in Florida, the Town will support the reputation of the school because the people understand Catholic teaching and respect a no-nonsense excellent approach to orthodoxy found in Ave Maria. The law school will have the support of the Oratory, the University, and the town's prayers as well as having the best possible location to promote excellence in catholic education. The ranking shows how much of a difference location can make because the law school is three tiers away from what it is. Location is worth three tiers!

Mr. Monaghan's wisdom in selecting a better location for the schools early on really shines and starting next year we will get the rankings we deserve!