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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, March 28, 2008

AMSOL Remains 4th Tier As Stats Worsen

The US News and World Reports law school rankings for this year are out, and for the 3rd year in a row, AMSOL is in the 4th Tier. (For the 2nd year in a row, AMSOL-rival Univ. of St Thomas in Minneapolis is in the 3rd Tier.)

Normally, schools in the 3rd and 4th Tiers are not ranked but are listed alphabetically. For some reason, this year, the 3rd and 4th Tier schools are not ranked alphabetically online, but are in some other undisclosed order. Out of the 43 Tier 4 schools, AMSOL is 6th last. Can anyone explain the reason for this ordering in the online edition?

Here are some of the relevant numbers for AMSOL. If I'm mistaken in the numbers, let me know. Notice the worsening scores from last year for peer assessment and student quality. How does St. Thomas compare to AMSOL for both years? Any other observations about the numbers?

AMSOL this year:
Peer Assessment: 1.3
Lawyer/judge assessment: 2.1
Undergrad GPA (25th-75th percentile): 2.93-3.47
LSAT score (25th-75th percentile): 147-155

AMSOL last year:

Peer assessment: 1.4
Lawyer/judge assessment: 2.1
Undergrad GPA (25th-75th percentile): 3.02-3.60
LSAT score (25th-75th percentile): 150-158

UPDATE: I like to compare AMSOL with St. Thomas because St. Thomas also obtained full ABA accreditation in the fastest time possible (which is one of AMSOL's biggest boasts). St. Thomas is one year younger than AMSOL and is a Catholic law school "dedicated to integrating faith and reason in the search for truth through a focus on morality and social justice." St. Thomas debuted in the 3rd Tier, even though Dean Dobranski dismissed the possibility of starting in the 3rd Tier a year before, when AMSOL found itself in the 4th Tier.

St. Thomas this year:
Peer Assessment: 1.9
Lawyer/judge assessment: 2.7
Undergrad GPA (25th-75th percentile): 3.16-3.63
LSAT score (25th-75th percentile): 154-161

St. Thomas Last year:

Peer assessment: 1.8
Lawyer/judge assessment: 2.2
Undergrad GPA (25th-75th percentile): 2.91-3.71
LSAT score (25th-75th percentile): 153-159

In every category, St. Thomas improved this year, with an especially impressive jump in lawyer/judge assessment. Contrast that with AMSOL which worsened or stagnated in every category.