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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Robert Falls, Wake Up! You've Got Work To Do!

Last week, I pointed out a mistake on avemaria.com: the phrase "Ave Maria University School of Law." As Dean Dobranski himself has assured people many times, there is no such thing as "Ave Maria University School of Law": Ave Maria School of Law and Ave Maria University are completely separate entities, with completely separate Boards of Governors, making completely separate and independent decisions about what is in the sole best interests of their respective institutions. (I know, I know, only suckers think this is actually the way Ave Maria entities operate, but hey, let's take Dobranski at his word this time, just for kicks.)

I then wondered how many other people are making the "AMU-SOL" mistake, so I Googled it. With more than 3000 instances of the mistake, it turns out that Robert Falls, the public relations firm for AMU and AMSOL, has got a near PR disaster on their hands. Those getting it wrong include lawschoolnumbers.com, a 400+ attorney law firm, some intern at the ABA, and several others.

The most humorous mistake is that of Jim Fox, AMSOL Class of 2003, who really should know better considering he works in Naples, right next to AMU -- his law firm biography and associate testimonial are wrong. (Come on, Jim! You must be a smart guy, you were on Law Review! Why are you letting us down?)

So, Robert Falls, I'm talking to you! Get up off of your derriere! You've got some work to do! First, fix avemaria.com's website like I told you to (take the AMSOL blurb off of the AMU page and create a separate tabbed page for AMSOL), and then start correcting all these "Ave Maria University School of Law" mistakes! What is Tom Monaghan paying you for? To sit there twiddling your thumbs?

UPDATE: In the comments, Anonymous points out that some organizations affiliated with Myers, Rice, and Safranek have also made the same "AMU-SOL" mistake. (Note that the professors didn't make the mistake themselves, only organizations affiliated with the professors made the mistake.)

But to Anonymous I say: Thank you for making my argument even stronger! Suppose that even the professors themselves made the mistake. If people familiar with the conflicts of interest, breaches of fiduciary duty, and commingling of AMU and AMSOL decisions, can make the AMU-AMSOL mistake, how much more so will unsuspecting people be confused.

Robert Falls, even Pro-Monaghan-Anonymous thinks that you've got a PR debacle! Get your act together! You don't want to have Anonymous and myself conclude that you're incompetent!