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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Give Bishop Braxton Your Thanks for Defending Holy Mother Church

Bishop Braxton has come under fire from the modernist apostate "catholics" over at Commonweal as well as the secular press for his actions to defend and protect Holy Mother Church and the flock he has a sacred duty to protect.

Bishop Braxton courageously decided to stop talk by Luke Timothy Johnson, a declared theological apologist for same-sex fornication and "catholic priestesses." The talk was planned for college students at the Southern Illinois University Newman Center which the diocese funds. In defense of this move, Braxton said:
"I do not wish Catholic institutions or organizations to invite speakers into
the diocese who have written articles or given lectures that oppose, deny,
reject, undermine or call into question the authentic teachings of the
magisterium of the Catholic Church."

Mr. Johnson has been one of the modernist's anointed attack dogs let loose to try to take down John Paul II's Theology of the Body. But it is clear that he isn't interested in engaging John Paul II's thought, he is interested in misrepresenting it.

The good Bishop Braxton is part of a growing movement among Catholic Bishops to witness to the truth even when it invites comments such as this from one of the members of the pastoral council: "I think he's stepping in where it's none of his damn business. These kids are college kids. They should be able to hear all sides."

Nice. Presumably this means that next month they should bring in a heroin addict to give the positive side of doing drugs and perhaps even pass out samples.

It looks like the good Bishop has more problems on his hands at the Newman Center. They have links on their website to Call to Action, an organization that the Church has excommunicated stating that it is “irreconcilable with a coherent living of the Catholic Faith.” They also link to the National Catholic Reporter (but not Register), and there isn't a single pro-life link in the list.


Please give Bishop Braxton a call or send his office an e-mail thanking him for standing up to these despoilers of the faith.