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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dobranski Continues to Bring Shame Upon AMSL, Fellowship of Catholic Scholars

Here is a comment from the post below this one. Once again, Dean Bernard Dobranski--President of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars (hahahahaha...!!), has decided to screw the alumni of AMSL. This account from Mrs. Olesia Doran, one of AMSL's most brilliant products. Looks like Big Brother Dobranski is at it again. For all those of you who may be watching this tragedy from afar, take note. This is where AMSL is at. This is where the so-called vanguard of Catholic orthodoxy is at. My hope is that other Catholic scholars who may be watching this, don't add further legitimacy to Dobranski, Monaghan and this group of dockside bullies by agreeing to speak or participate in conferences at either of the Hail Mary entities. By doing so, one props up these despicable human beings and gives them a legitimacy they do not deserve. This is but the latest slap in the face to the alumni and current students.

Not related to this post - OK, well, actually, in its being a parody of reality, it's related. I am currently participating in the Alumni Board phone call. For all those who are interested, we have just been informed that Dobranski has unilaterally declared that from now on, the school will post alumni board meeting minutes on the school website (which till now it did in theory but in practice has not done since July), but that they will be redacted to remove information he finds inappropriate. The example we have been given is information relating to Suzy Siegle's self-maintained website, www.maaac.org, a career networking website. The website was endorsed by the board in January (those minutes are slated for approval tonight), and Ermin has told us that the motion endorsing the website, as well as every instance of the URL, will be redacted from the minutes. At last month's meeting, Ermin informed the board (before a vote on endorsing the website) that regardless of the vote outcome, the school would refuse to release the statement endorsing her project, into which she expended considerable amounts of her own resources, because of some incomprehensible possibility of confusion or duplication with the work of the career services office.

I will be happy to entertain any comments that anyone would like to send me (or have me share at the meeting or disseminate to all members of the board, or only the sane ones) on this subject. amd@krwlaw.com

I also note that this comment and my summary of events are only mine, and my personal impressions at that, not the official position of the alumni board.

Olesia 02.12.08 - 8:56 pm #