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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Article on Disagreements Between AMU and Local Diocese

Here is an interesting Naples News article about the disagreements between AMU and the Diocese of Venice. The article has good discussion about some of the canon law issues presented by the AMU dilemma.
Two recent disagreements between the diocese and Ave Maria indicate conflicts over how the school receives official church sanctioning.
The university recently requested that the diocese confirm upon it the canonical status of a "Catholic university."
That request has yet to be granted, as the diocese is reviewing the school's accreditation and other matters, according to Diocese of Venice spokeswoman Adela Gonzales White.
There is also a disagreement over the title of university "chaplain," a canonical term for a priest appointed by a church leader such as a bishop to guide a particular group of Catholics.
Healy has said Nevins previously granted that title to the Rev. Robert Garrity, a university employee.
Again, the diocese took issue.
"No bishop with the Diocese of Venice has ever appointed a chaplain at Ave Maria University," Gonzales White said.
Hat tip to "AMU student."