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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wasting Away Again in AveMariaville

That's a funny header, huh? The purpose of this post is mostly to retire the bloody shirt post below the fold. But I need some text with which to do that. So:

Fessio's saying the TLM at AMU now. Which is weird, because he's not really a TLM kinda guy. Makes me think this is all about donor retention. Which is one of the reasons why Monaghan shouldn't be allowed to set up his crypto-parish "Oratory." Guys that make liturgical decisions based on how best to prop up their failing real estate deals shouldn't be allowed to make liturgical decisions. I know, lots of bishops make liturgical decisions for terrible reasons, but the Church allows this, because there is a special place in Hell for bad bishops, so we're covered there. Unless and until someone (Incense? or is this fumare's job?) can demonstrate that there is a special place in Hell for crazy lying egomaniacal former billionaires, no "Oratory" for you. (I'm not saying there isn't a special place in Hell for crazy lying egomaniacal former billionaires, I just wanna see some proof, you know, a little something to help us all rest a little easier at night.)

Speaking of Incense, are you, like me, finding it less and less funny and more and more creepy? The tone has switched from that of a paid pr flak cheerleader to something more like a CCD class teaching mom who's trying to convince her charges that the Church is cool. (You kids still say that, right? "Cool?") Who is the middle aged woman who writes those posts these days?

What else? Yeah, could someone please ask Dr. Peters to comment on whether T$M's attempt to set up his own de facto territorial parish is a "schismatic act"? And will the BoG be revisiting the move to Fla now that the numbers have changed, or was that just another case of "one man, one vote, one time"? Really, more like "one man, several votes (until they get it right), then that's the last time." Oh, and avewatch has been good recently, so check that out. Okay, I hope I've moved that week-old RuPaul thread down off-screen.

See you all at the March! Remember, Boko loves you! Go teh Fred!