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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Understanding America's Economic Empire and the Real Threats that Face Us

Some people dispute that America is a modern day Roman or British Empire.

Have a look at this very interesting article. It was penned over a year ago, and it is chilling for its implications and predictions regarding the economy. If the analysis is true, we WILL be attacking Iran as the only means of defending America's currency. Our currency is the method that America uses to tax other nations. And there are a lot of countries who are motivated to throw off this global bondage.

Of course the implications are that the War on Terror is a rhetorical ruse to cover our enforcement of a global monetary policy of Empire. But there is no real evidence of that, is there? We invaded Iraq, not because he had WMD's, but because in 2000 Saddam began demading payment for his oil in Euros and not Dollars. We were teaching him and the rest of the world a lesson about oil, dollars and global monetary policy.

Is "Islamofacism" really our greatest threat to national defense? Is Iran really our greatest treat?


China and Russia are the American people's greatest threat (and not to forget the Western Globalists who are actively seeking to destroy our sovereignty and our Constitution).

Iran is a significant danger to us but because of Islamofacism, not militarily, but rather monetarily. With the Iranian Oil Bourse, supported by China and Russia, global oil will no longer be traded in dollars. Dollars will be and already are being dumped as the global reserve currency. When that happens, America's economy will collapse as the house of cards that it is.

This is why our Government wants to drop nuclear bombs on Iran. If it does, get ready for retaliation from Russia and China who are sick of the Anglo-American global stranglehold.

The Western Globalists want a president who will play ball and bomb Iran when the time comes. All the current candidates are on board with this. Rudy, McCain, Huckabroke, Romney, Hilliary and Obama all support this policy.

Only Ron Paul is proposing an alternative to this crisis.

He is a God send to our country. Think about it. In the middle of the worst economic crisis facing America in our life time, we have a candidate running for President who understands economics from a Christian anthropology and understands the necessary conditions to ensure economic liberty which is the foundation for protecting human liberty.

He is attacked and vilified because his message is a threat to the Western Globalists who run our country. But his message is spreading. Regardless of whether you agree with him or not, the truth will reign.