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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ron Paul Endorsed by Norma McCorvey "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade

Fred is out.

Huckabroke and Gouliani are running on fumes.

McCain has money problems.

Only Romney has money, because he is funded by his biggest fan, himself.

Oh, then there is Ron Paul who is flush with cash. He raised close to 2 million on Martin Luther King Day (not bad for a purported racist).

Ron Paul has consistently beaten Gouliani in the caucus and primary elections.
He came in 2nd in Nevada a little fact that is being ignored by the MSM. The same MSM that told us that Fred should be in the debates but not Ron Paul because Fred can win where as Ron Paul can not.
Our economy is going into a meltdown and people are calling for a investigation into the operations of the Federal Reserve System for being the single cause of the boom/bust cycles our country has ridden since the creation of the thing.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate talking about the serious economic problems facing everyone of us.

So this is the end game.

Rudy will drop out so too will Huckabroke.

It will come down to McCain and Romney. "100 years in Iraq" McCain has the anointing of the warfare state establishment and he likes to kill embryos and to censor pro-life speech. When it comes down to 100 years of war in Iraq (a la McCain) that will be funded by the same deeply flawed, immoral, corrupt and structurally sinful means of printing the money and then defrauding the American middle class of their savings, it is a losing proposition.

Paul is in this for the long haul. Remember the little engine that could, or perhaps the tortoise and the hare?

If the War is your issue, remember: He is the ONLY candidate talking about Just War Doctrine.

If you think that the War on Terror is the most important issue, remember: The Soviet Union collapsed due to economic problems. How vulnerable will America be to terror if our economy is decimated? The first principle of National Defense is a healthy homeland. We have a very sick homeland and only Dr. Paul knows why and how to fix it.

As this election goes on, the economy will get deeper and deeper into doo doo. Only Ron Paul understands why and how to cure it. He has given his entire career to sending this message.

Oh, and also to fighting abortion.

If the life issues are your most important issue, then remember: Stacking the Supreme Court or seeking a Constitutional Amendment are the most difficult means of addressing this issue and the reality is more babies die as we seek these most difficult means of ending abortion. Removing subject matter jurisdication is the most direct and immediate means. We could have done it 4 years ago when the Republicans were in the majority. If we do this, over night, 33 states would vote to ban or severely restrict abortion. I wonder why the "Pro-Life" Republicans don't talk about this means? It is because they want to milk the Pro-Life vote for years to come.

Wake up and support Ron Paul.