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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Naples News Editorial on Ave Maria Oratory

The Naples News has an interesting editorial wondering why the Ave Maria Oratory has still not opened and why permission from the local bishop is not forthcoming. An excerpt:
The situation with the church-like oratory at the town of Ave Maria, across the street from Ave Maria University, begs for explanation. There is so much public interest in the $24 million, highly visible icon and how it is used, or not being used, that we are moved to ask for a public understanding as to why it remains closed for services.
We call on Bishop Dewane to educate us. Enlighten us. Please tell us in layman's terms what the problem is at Ave Maria and how it can be addressed.

We could stand to hear more from Ave Maria as well.

This is, as they say, an opportunity for a teaching moment.

We believe that could start with some public conversation. Secrecy, which has a way of making matters worse by inviting speculation to occupy the void of truth, has drawn public ire on other church matters in the past. Over time it leads to greater concern within the church and beyond.
I echo the call to Ave Maria to explain what is going on. And while they're at it, an explanation of why three beloved and well-qualified law professors were fired would be appreciated.

HT and commentary: AveWatch.com