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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

My New Tobacconist: Just For Him Tobacco

In a happier time, one could smoke in bars or even at public hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. In a more sane time, government, in general, enforced the big laws and beauracracy did not fashion overly burdensome small laws. In a healthier time, people were more concerned with theology and true religion as opposed to today where the dogmas of modernity count smoking as one of its mortal sins. In this weird age where "experts" and the state purport to tell us what is best for us, there are still pockets of common sense and sanity. One of those pockets of common sense is in a beautiful corner of the world called Springfield, MO.

Chesterton comments: "The sands of time are simply dotted with single stakes that have thus marked the turn of the tide. The first step towards ultimately winning is to make sure the enemy does not win, if it be only that he does not win everywhere. Then, when we have halted his rush, and perhaps fought it to a standstill, we may begin a general counter-attack." Let the counter-attack begin with Just for Him Tobacco!

As prohibitions on smoking and tobacco have become all the rage in the name of goddess health, there are those who still see this gift of the true God in its proper proportion and fight for the common man in pursuit of his common pleasure. Thus, JFH is a "single stake" that may hopefully turn the tide of the new Puritainism. A small family-run business, JFH is an example of the excellence and quality of people doing what they love and loving what they do! Bob and Judy Gravett are the proprietors of this operation and have striven to bring the best product at reasonable prices! Blender Waymond Gott describes himself as "a man with a deep appreciation for pipes, steaks, and petite brunettes... and redheads". (My kind of guy!)

As for tobaccos, JFH has a fabulous selection of both cigars as well as pipe tobacco. English and aromatics are in abundance as are JFH's own blends. A particular blend that may be of interest to literary types is the "Middle Earth Pipeweed Series." These blends are described as "a series of English-Aromatic blends inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece The Lord of The Rings. Each blend commemorates the heroic characters and moments found within this trilogy and are best enjoyed in your favorite churchwarden." If Tolkien is not to your liking or you are a less romantic individual and prefer an English big business, JFH supplies Dunhill--which is an excellent tobacco in its own right. In addition, JFH sells quality pipes and other smoking implements. They offer a fine catalogue and sound advice on enjoying this most humane of habits. Sign up for their free newsletter here and check their website often!

Support this small business which provides one of the greatest pleasures that can be had (next to a petite brunette of course!). Support this single stake so that we may begin that general counter-attack! For as Monsignor Ronald Knox observed: A pipe that refuses to draw just after breakfast is guilty of desertion in the face of the enemy.