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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Even Ave Maria Can't Get It Right

Sigh. It is pathetic that this has to be repeated: Ave Maria University does not have a law school. Ave Maria School of Law and Ave Maria University are separate and distinct entities operated separately with separate and distinct Board of Governors.

Some people don't understand this simple concept and think that Ave Maria School of Law and Ave Maria University are related. But these people happen to be wrong. We've pointed out this mistake before.

You would think that Ave Maria Town could get it right, but no, they get it wrong too. From avemaria.com:
The school will have a full curriculum of traditional liberal arts, sciences and engineering programs and a comprehensive graduate program offering masters and doctoral degrees. The Ave Maria University School of Law is scheduled to move to the Collier County campus in 2009.
There is no "Ave Maria University School of Law." Robert Falls, someone in your own PR firm got it wrong for your very own client! Whose head should roll for this mistake?

UPDATE:In the comments, "Devil's Advocate" has a good question: why help Dobranski/Monaghan in supporting the charade that AMU and AMSL are distinct entities?

The entire pro-Monaghan, pro-AMSL-moving-to-Florida position rests on the argument that AMU and AMSL are distinct entities operated separately, with separate and distinct interests, and that decisions about AMSL's future are being made based solely on what is in the best interests of AMSL.

To most of the AMSL community and to any rational human being looking impartially at the entire situation, it is clear that this position is unjustified. There are so many conflicts of interests in all Ave Maria entities with common board members and common sources of funding and lack of transparency and on and on. No one can deny that the impetus behind moving AMSL to Florida was Monaghan and that Monaghan and AMU stands to benefit from AMSL's presence in Florida. It is naive to think that the best thing for AMSL is to uproot a thriving law school across the country on a real estate gamble, with a significant loss of support from faculty/alumni/students, while threatening its accreditation. The position that AMU and AMSL are distinct entities, operated distinctly with distinct interests -- this is a charade.

Most of us recognize this charade, but some people refuse to see it. Since the entire pro-Monaghan position rests on this charade, I think that it is important to jump at every instance where the charade breaks down, to expose and publicize every instance where Monaghan slips up and fails to keep up the charade. Hopefully, by pointing out these times over and over, people can come to understand that AMU and AMSL are not truly separate and distinct entities.

UPDATE 2 (01/31/2008): I checked the website and I see that it has been changed:
Ave Maria School of Law is scheduled to move to the Collier County campus in 2009. The School of Law is dedicated to providing students with an outstanding legal education enhanced by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Its mission is to produce graduates who are extremely well prepared for the practice of law and who approach their work as an extension of their personal values and faith beliefs. Ave Maria School of Law enrolled its first class in August 2000 and was granted full accreditation by the American Bar Association in August 2005. Graduates currently are practicing in more than 40 states and several other countries in positions ranging from associates in the nation’s largest law firms to positions with an array of state and federal agencies
Nice to see that Robert Falls reads Fumare! Actually, the website is still wrong: this blurb about AMSL happens to be on the webpage for "Ave Maria University." Repeat it again with me.... AMSL is not a part of AMU. Robert Falls, instead of putting the AMSL blurb on the AMU page, create another tab on the left under "Discover Ave Maria" next to AMU devoted to AMSL, okay? Gosh, maybe I should be hired by Robert Falls to correct all their mistakes!

UPDATE 3: The archived page with the original mistake is here.