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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dobranski Against AMSL Students, Grads Getting Jobs?

The Alumni Board overwhelmingly supported this non-controversial private initiative and wants everyone to promote it. Dean Dobranski and his Administration refuse to disseminate this information or promote the website as a way to help AMSL grads and students network with alumni to get jobs.

This is a new low.

Here is Mrs. Siegle's email to all:

Subject: New Job Search Website for AMSL Students and Alumni

Dear AMSL Community:

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a relaxing and joyous Christmas. I am excited to introduce an evolving project that I have undertaken to serve the AMSL Community by helping you with job placement and networking. Visit www.maaac.org and email me at smh3047@aol.com to participate.

Being an alumnus of the Class of 2003, and having had the privilege of working with many of the current AMSL students during my time as Externship Coordinator at AMSL (2005-2007), I appreciate and recognize the importance of networking students and alumni for assistance with career placement, mentoring, and professional relationship building. Career placement is of paramount importance to our success as Christian lawyers going forth in this world to engage and to elevate the culture. There are no efforts too demanding and no resources too great to commit to assisting our students and our alumni in all aspects of job placement and success.

So, I invite you to please visit www.maaac.org (Map of Active Ave Alumni Community). I have designed this site and I am honored to administer it for the benefit of AMSL students and alumni.

The focus and purpose of MAAAC is to provide initial contact information for alumni living and working throughout the world. All contact information has been voluntarily submitted with the express consent of those who are participating. At the click of a mouse, students and alumni can select a geographic area or resource category of interest and see contact information for Alumni who are interested in taking an active networking/mentoring role. Then, whether via email or phone, students and alumni can begin a dialog and can share information, advice, resumes, etc. This can be especially beneficial to current third year students who are interested in moving to a certain state after law school and would like to begin networking and making contacts in that state. Also, it can be of assistance if an alum is moving across country and wants to establish connections and networks in that area. If a student/alum seeks assistance with resume review, cover letter advice, or has a question about entering a litigation practice, he/she can contact alums who have volunteered themselves as resource contacts for those areas.

In the spirit of servant leadership, I encourage all alumni to embrace this opportunity to serve the community and to consider joining this endeavor. Please sign up for any and all categories in which you feel comfortable and confident being a resource, by emailing me at smh3047@aol.com.

I invite all students to use this website as a resource to assist with future career plans. Please understand that this serves as an initial contact point for students and alumni, and is meant to be a springboard for people to begin a dialog. I also suggest including "MAAAC" or "MAAAC Contact" in the subject line of the email to me, to help best identify you, especially if it is your first contact. Please also be patient as this site grows and develops. As with many projects, there may be some quirks and challenges, as individuals with very busy schedules begin communicating and exchanging emails/calls, and as website improvements can sometimes take a bit of time.

As we begin this new year, I hope and pray for AMSL's success, its fidelity to its mission, and most of all, its appreciation and its dedication to the very reason for the law school's existence--the students and the alumni, both of whose best interests should be placed first, above any and all others, as we move forward.

Thank you in advance for your time and your consideration of this email. I welcome any feedback on how to continue to improve the effectiveness and success of www.maaac.org. Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, concerns, etc., at smh3047@aol.com.

Fides et Ratio,

Suzy (Housey) Siegle
Class of 2003