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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Blood on the Shirt - Ron Paul Bump?

There is a saying in politics, "You have got to get blood on the shirt."

Hillary got blood on her shirt in a contrived way in the 24 hrs before the New Hampshire primary. First she was video taped weeping for our country. Then she was "attacked" by a group of men shouting "Iron my shirts!" Create empathy with your audience, then fend off an attack for a virtuous cause. Hillary was able to remind NH that she is a woman and that she is ALSO fighting a battle against sexism (which is obviously still alive and kicking). The whole thing was too implausable to be real, especially the "Iron my shirt" chant (her first response was to have the audience lights be turned up so the cameras could see the signs). But it worked, Hillary got her bump despite the manipulation.

Now for Ron Paul.

Ron has been the small guy who has stood against the establishment and the-way-things-are-done-to-get-things-done culture that disregards the Constitution for many years. He is a statesman with the greatest integrity, an integrity that is reflected in his voting record and in his penetrating speeches and books.

He is the David against the Goliath of the establishment and the media.

But now that he has been excluded from the past Fox debate, and has been smeared once again, and has been piled on by the rest of the candidates who laugh and sneer at him, he has blood on the shirt. Ron Paul comes back strong with his principles and he is nationally getting the attention because he has gotten blood on his shirt for fighting the good fight. But unlike Hillary, it is for real. Real character, real blood. A blogger's comments from Lewrockwell.com:
I think [Ron Paul's best moment in the debate] was when the silly moderator tried to take Paul out of the substantive debate by harping on his de minimis following by 911 truthers. He forcefully but politely asked to be included in the actual debate, to which he was, where he performed masterfully. Also, I think the doctor deserves credit for keeping up the good fight for peace and freedom. Unlike the others on that
stage, who are there seeking power for their own personal glory, Paul is not there for himself, but the cause. I'm sure there are times, especially when the smear artists are in full effect, that he would like to go home and spend his time with his noble family. But Paul keeps on going. He keeps advancing the argument and instructing the ignorant in the face of laughter and ridicule; in spite of his own self-acknowledged faults. While he may not even realize it himself, he's teaching us libertarians, both cosmopolitan and provincial, how to act with courage, fortitude, and dignity. So in short, what we are currently witnessing by Ron Paul in his struggle to keep on in the face of adversity and seemingly insurmountable odds, is his finest moment.

Things aren't over just yet for the good doctor Paul.

Did you notice that Fox News lost huge market share to CNN during the New Hampshire primary after its Ron Paul exclusion stunt? CNN's Wolf Blitzer has been fairly covering Ron Paul. Coincidence, or is Fox News losing creditability for being "fair and balanced"?

So, should you support Ron Paul? Any thinking Catholic who takes his faith seriously should support Ron Paul above all the candidates. He is the most consistent candidate and just about perfect when viewed from a Catholic perspective. There is no reason why a Catholic should not support Ron Paul.

"But he can't win," you say?

The Holy Father's words come to mind:
"Through faith in the existence of this power [to 'take away the sin of the
world'], hope for the world's healing has emerged in history. It is, however,
hope - not yet fulfilment; hope that gives us the courage to place ourselves on
the side of good even in seemingly hopeless situations, aware that, as far as
the external course of history is concerned, the power of sin will continue to
be a terrible presence." - Spe Salvi #36

I have placed myself on the side of Ron Paul because it is the side of good even in a seemingly hopeless situation. But I have reason to know that it is not as seemingly hopeless as Fox News keeps telling us. . . but hope I have.

Do you?

By Nov 2008 the economy will be THE issue of the election.

This is Ron Paul's issue.

It is not over yet.

Go Ron Paul!