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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Two Interesting AMSL Student Blogs

The current 1L class at AMSL, the Class of 2010, has some interesting members. One member is someone called "Senator Hamilton" who operates a blog that looks astonishingly similar to the blog you are currently reading. (A warning to my fellow Fumarists: apparently we can expect a lawsuit or worse any day now. From the good Senator's blog:
Fumare blog is in violation of copyright infringement
The Fumare blog copied my template. I demand that they take the site down immediately or I will banish them to Naples, Florida for life.
Heh. Oh no, we're going to be banished. Heh, heh.)

It appears that the Class of 2010 is not united behind the good Senator. (Maybe they're not particularly fond of the Class of 2010 theme song decreed by Senator Hamilton: "Paradise City" by Guns 'n' Roses.) Two other blogs have sprung up in response: Silent Majority 2010: To demystify and debunk the chronic rumors about Ave Maria School of Law and the class of 2010 and Impeach Hamilton: because normal people go to AMSoL, too. They are worth a glance as their grammar, spelling, and general coherence seem to be a step above that of the good Senator's.

Personally, part of me suspects that "Senator Hamilton" is not an actual person. I mean, he claims to be real and he claims to despise anonymity, but he operates a blog, which as we all know, are always outlets for anonymous venom. Also most of things he says are outlandish. How do we really know that the operator of the Senator Hamilton blog is not an anonymous blogger posting under the fictitious name "Senator Hamilton"? Unfortunately, I happen to be too far away to visit the law school and view the famed Senator Hamilton with my own eyes. I'll have to rely on on our trusted readers in the Ann Arbor area to confirm the existence of the good Senator. (Come now, Boko, admit it: you've created a parody of a Monaghan supporter, just as commenter "Brick" is a vulgar parody of a faculty supporter. Or is "Senator Hamilton" you, albert anon?)