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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

MUST READ: The Original April 12, 2006 Faculty No-Confidence Resolution

A commenter asks to have the original April 12, 2006 faculty "no confidence" resolution posted. Here is the link to the document. It is a must-read and it is incredible to think that this was written more than a year and a half ago. So much has happened since then to confirm the faculty's no confidence.

An excerpt from the accompanying memorandum:
We believe that there are two main reasons for this state of affairs. First, Dean Dobranski has lost the trust and confidence of the faculty, and we believe significant numbers of students and graduates. He no longer has the credibility necessary to lead this institution. Second, Dean Dobranski has undermined the essential role of the faculty and threatened their academic freedom.
We want to emphasize that, although the way in which the Florida issue has been handled has provided a portion of the basis for our two principal conclusions, our judgment (that we have lost confidence in the Dean to properly lead this community of scholars) is independent of our individual views about the "Florida issue."
In closing, we believe that it is important that the Board meet with the faculty at the earliest possible time. We look forward to your response. We will continue to pray for everyone in the Ave Maria School of Law community and in particular to seek the intercession of Mary, Seat of Wisdom, on behalf of Ave Maria School of Law.
Go read the rest. It is astounding to think that the Board of Governors did not meet with the faculty as requested, and instead unprofessionally gave the faculty the back of their collective hand with a one sentence written response saying that they had confidence in Dobranski. Can you imagine this happening at any other institution, where the Board refuses to listen to what the faculty has to say? (I don't remember, what did Kate O'Beirne say about this when she visited the school? That the faculty deserved no response? That Falvey was a nobody?)