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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I've noticed some interesting tidbits in the comboxes of the last few posts. Here, for your viewing pleasure, I've extracted these comments and, further, I invite your further comments. (I like the word "further." "The bus came by and I got on; that's when it all began. There was Cowboy Neal at the wheel on a bus to Never Never Land.")

Here are the gems I've mined:

*Who is teaching your classes next semester? Has the school told 1Ls that Howie Bromberg is leaving Ave at the end of this semester and won't be teaching propertty II? Have they told you about the other losses yet?
Anulled 11.20.07 - 2:38 pm
*Word on the street is that Eisenberg is not returning for the spring semester.
Anonymous 11.20.07 - 3:28 pm
*Completely off topic but I don't think anyone will see this if I post it further down the blog. The AMSOL posting for a new director of development just showed up on law crossing. Not quite as funny as when a posting for Dean of Wayne State Law School popped up there, but I did find the omission of any reference to a certain relocation in the posting amusing. To find it search job type field: attorney and location: Michigan
anonymous 11.21.07 - 1:11 am
*While on the topic of AMU here:I went to the campus last week on vacation to see for myself the setup. No comments on the buildings...but I will comment that I do not think there are "600 students" at the school. At most, there are more like 200-300. Does anyone know for sure how many? It was a relief when I did see a student. I think firing Fr. Fessio really hurt the enrollment numbers there. I think firing Fr. Fessio was the final straw for many parents concerned about AMU as a whole.
AMU numbers 11.19.07 - 4:46 am

[Boko again:] So what's the word re faculty retention? And why don't we have a Director of Development (all we have is an "interim Director")? And what happens if you build the first new Catholic University in 40 years and nobody comes?

Don't forget to vote! Congrats to Dean Kessler for his hard-hitting expose on southwest Florida in the new issue of the Advocate! Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving I'm grateful to Dean Dobranski for creating the mission of the law school, and grateful for my friends and family, for my solid fantasy football team, and for the motu proprio.