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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Michigan Bar Passage Statistics

These are the statistics that I've seen for the July 2007 Michigan Bar passage, first time test takers. Anyone confirm the stats?

Univ of Michigan first time takers had 96% pass (27 of 28)
Wayne first time takers had 95% pass (130 of 137)
MSU first time takers had 90% pass (137 of 153)
Univ of Detroit first time takers had 87% pass (97 of 112)
Cooley first time takers had 74% pass (101 of 137)
Ave Maria first time takers had 72% pass (26 of 36)

Interesting to see a similar number of people taking the Bar from U of M and AMSOL with U of M handily winning the competition, and AMSOL having more failures than Wayne even though Wayne had 4 times the amount of test takers.

UPDATE: From the comments, "According to an Associate Dean for Student Affairs' (of another in-state law school) email sent on 11/5, the statistics listed in your main post are correct."