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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Very Real Threat to Our Republic

Over the last several weeks, there has been raging a controversy over Rush Limbaugh's use of the term "phony soldiers" during the course of his radio program of several weeks ago. Some have taken to the floor of the United States Senate to ask the Congress to condemn Limbaugh's use of the phrase as applied to soldiers who diasagree with the war. Media Matters (a liberal group) first broke the "story" and--aparently--supplied the talking points to the Democrat leaders in Congress. The mainstream media outlets also took to reporting the controversy in earnest. For several days, Limbaugh devoted much of his program to defending himself. The transcript of his remarks was readily available and an honest read of his remarks in context demonstrates the dishonesty of Media Matters, the mainstream media, and Democrat Senators.

While ancillary arguments abounded in the wake of the controversy over who is more supportive of the military etc., I saw a larger and deeper problem. One that, I would conjecture, threatens the very foundation of our republic more than Islamo-fascism: the intentional propagating of a lie in order to achieve a desired political result. What is striking about this episode is the lengths that our national leaders have gone to in order to try to discredit an opposing political commentator and private citizen. So-called "responsible" reporters have (what can only be called willfully) ignored the evidence (i.e., Limbaugh's transcript) and have joined with these Congressional leaders in an attempt to discredit a political commentator. Most common sense people will see this as nothing new in the realm of politics. In fact, unfortunately, this is likely the rule rather than the exception. Potestas causa potestatis.

It is one thing to vehemently disagree. It is another to make fun of an opponent. However, it threatens the very foundation of our republic (and, dare I say, civilization) if we look the other way when our nation's leaders have no regard for truth--ignoring it when it suits them or defining in accord with their small political worldview. Of course, this is the responsibility of every individual in his every day discourse and commerce with his fellow man. We must hold ourselves to a high standard of truthfulness in our dealings with others. Truly, honesty is none other than humility in the face of reality. Let us not replace the solid foundations of truth and honesty with expedience and this-worldly gain. As we have seen before, this leads to murder.